ESRI, GIS, and Utility Networks

What is ESRI?

Esri is the current global market leader in GIS software, location intelligence and mapping. They have supported geographic sciences and geospatial analytics since 1969.

What is GIS?

GIS or Geographic information system is a spatial system that creates, manages, analyzes, and maps all types of data.

How is GIS used?

Identify Problems
Monitor Change
Manage and Response to Events
Perform Forecasting
Set Priorities
Understand Trends

How does GIS work?

GIS applies geographic science with different tools that aid in understanding and collaboration.
It uses a combination of:


We are able to digitally transform telecommunications through location intelligence. GIS enables us to give service providers an advantage by using geospatial infrastructure powered by cloud-based technology.


Adding GIS into your electric utility network provides services such as; grid modernization, emergency management, business intelligence, digital twin, field operations and network management.


Having the ability to access clean and reliable water is critical to life. Using GIS and the ESRI utility network, you can have the ability to manage the complete water cycle and increase efficiency with your water utility network.