Stefano Cattani

Stefano Cattani is an experienced project manager and strategist, and a part time musician and tennis player. Pushed by his passion for social innovation, he earned his International Relations Bachelor’s degree at Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología, where he was later certified in Design of Public Policies. He has worked as a research consultant for public institutions, such as La Defensoría de los Habitantes, and as Chief Programs Officer for NGOs in Costa Rica in topics like human rights defense, public-private partnerships, collaborative governance regimes, sustainable development, and community development through the arts and sciences. He has also worked as an invited professor and speaker in local and international universities, such as Cornell University, teaching about a range of topics in the social sciences.

Stefano is currently a Project Manager at Hammerhead Technology, a leading provider of diverse technology services. His pragmatic approach has allowed him to articulate diverse groups of people to come up with and develop tools to push innovation forward.